Hello, my name is Madison Garland. I’m an elementary education and communications double major at Wheelock College. I am also an avid cartoon lover. I grew up in Natick, Mass and have lived most of my life around Boston. I first took an interest in media as a whole when I was extremely young. My father was a radio DJ turned film teacher and took my under his wing. I learned as much as I could about how movies, radio shows, commercials and even web-shows were produced. Recently, my focused turned to children’s media. Online, many children’s shows have a huge following amongst teens and young adults. My brother and I jumped on the bandwagon and began to follow a handful of them. What I learned was that the cartoons were much more engaging than the ones I had grown up with. When I started college and learned I would be double majoring, I knew I had to connect my love of teaching with my love of media. After seeing how far these shows have come, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at studying and producing children’s media.

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