Cartoon Network has just released news about one of my favorite shows, Adventure Time.

They’re releasing an eight part series about Marceline the Vampire Queen. All our burning questions answered! I’m SOOOO EXCITE!

But this all got me thinking: Who the heck is this show even for? Yeah, it’s animated but the story isn’t really for kids. It started with Finn and Jake, adventuring across Ooo, a mythical land full of creatures and kingdoms of all kinds.

The show quickly becomes a story about Finn and his crush on Princess Bubblegum. And then about the Enchiridion, a book of heroes. And the Ice King, who is obsessed with marrying a princess. Sounds pretty normal, right? Like a good children’s show about heroes, princesses and villains?

But what if the story didn’t end there?

The show then tackles things like crippling fear and anxiety. It shows bullying and embarrassment. It tackles issues with family, especially with estranged parents. Finn is the only human left, and this occasionally bothers him. There are many hints throughout the show that the “Mushroom War” that precedes the show was actually a nuclear war that caused rampant mutations and killed many of the humans. The sidekick Jake actually gets married and has kids and deals with fatherhood. Finn deals with choosing between girls and loneliness and growing up…

Trust me, I know how you feel. But who is this show for? It looks like a kids show. It sounds like a kids show. But it plays like a show for adults. So what do we call this?

We call this good television. Something people of all ages can enjoy, whether for the intense, emotional plot or for the fun and crazy characters. It’s a show you can watch with your kids, and it’s a show you can watch over and over. It deserves every Emmy it receives.

About madisongarland

Hi! I'm Madi, a college-student studying Communications and Elementary Education. I strive to deconstruct, study and suggest improvements for media aimed towards the most impressionable audiences. I've always loved cartoons and children's programming. Come follow me and help children everywhere!

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