Recently, Sesame Street released some of the biggest news in a long time: They are introducing an autistic character named Julia, who is friends with Elmo. She is shown to have sensory issues, she speaks loudly, social issues, and she even flaps her arms when she’s happy. She has so many familiar behaviors that we associate with autism, and it’s all shown in an incredibly positive light.

This initiative is aimed towards parents and teachers who interact with autistic children under six, and includes information for teaching neurotypical children about autism. Sesame Street wants to end stigma, educate and end the bullying associated with childhood autism.

They’ve released a full online website full of stories, information, videos and all that lovely Sesame Street goodness we’ve come to know and love.

About madisongarland

Hi! I'm Madi, a college-student studying Communications and Elementary Education. I strive to deconstruct, study and suggest improvements for media aimed towards the most impressionable audiences. I've always loved cartoons and children's programming. Come follow me and help children everywhere!

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