Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah, Turkey Day. National “Watch Football Even if You Hate It” Day. A day of pie, mashed potatoes, and ignoring the fact that the holiday celebrates the slaughter of a native people.


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Old Versus New

This weekend, I babysat two kids that go to the camp I worked at this summer. The issue arose that always does: How do you keep kids entertained? This particular pair of siblings, 11 and 9, seemed content to do anything that I deemed “cool”. We had just put some brownies in the oven when one of them brought up Netflix.

I love Netflix. But what could I watch with them that was even remotely appropriate?

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A Happy Note: Peanuts!

That last post was sad, let’s talk about happy news!


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Online Bullying Through The Eyes of Steven Universe

So, today’s topic is going to be a bit more serious. I’ll preface this by saying that I have never watched Steven Universe and have no plans to in the future. I’ll also say that I have been bullied online as well, but not to the extent that this victim has.

For those of you who don’t know, recently a fan artist for Steven Universe ended up in the hospital after a suicide attempt. The attempt was caused by online bullying and harassment. The bullies cite “problematic elements” in the victim’s work as a reason for their outrage. The victim had uploaded drawings of thin, somewhat white-washed versions of the characters on the show and the users of tumblr pounced.

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Adventure Time: Who is this for?

Cartoon Network has just released news about one of my favorite shows, Adventure Time.

They’re releasing an eight part series about Marceline the Vampire Queen. All our burning questions answered! I’m SOOOO EXCITE!

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When Art Meets A Message

CW: Disturbing Content

Did that video just freak you out? Maybe you feel disgusted, confused. But maybe you watched it again. Maybe that tune is stuck in your head? Maybe you clicked and found the sequels?

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Sesame Street’s Newest Character is Autistic!

Recently, Sesame Street released some of the biggest news in a long time: They are introducing anĀ autistic character named Julia, who is friends with Elmo. She is shown to have sensory issues, she speaks loudly, social issues, and she even flaps her arms when she’s happy. She has so many familiar behaviors that we associate with autism, and it’s all shown in an incredibly positive light.

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Disney Expo Roundup!

Recently, Disney held it’s annual expo where it talks about all of the new films, television shows and resort upgrades that will premiere in the next few years. There’s some mixed feelings about most of the new announcements, so let’s talk.

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Beyond Cartoons

cite: Huffington Post

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Nancy Rogers, mother to Fred Rogers

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